Hi, I’m Sarah Copeland.

AWARD-WINNING COOKBOOK AUTHOR, travel enthusiast, writer, gardener, and curator of good living. I've spent 20 years writing and developing content and recipes for the brands you love and trust: New York Times Cooking, Food Network, Food & Wine, Saveur, Real Simple, and Martha Stewart Living, among others.

I spent much of that time sharing stories and recipes on and off camera—hosting a cooking show on Food Network, appearing on morning shows, and working with renowned brands like Anthropologie, Le Crueset, and Crate & Barrel.

At the heart of my work is always the love of story—and the relatable, undeniably beautiful human experience. I share stories through food, words, recipes, and imagery.

This newsletter aims to inspire an appetite for life—for understanding and connecting with ourselves and our families. Sometimes we’ll lean recipe-heavy, some work will be in depth-travelogues and how-tos, and other times you’ll find this to be a gathering place of ideas and inspiration—jumping off points for your next great moment with the ones you love.

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Sarah Copeland 

Sarah Copeland is the award-winning author of Instant Family Meals, Every Day is Saturday, Feast and The Newlywed Cookbook and a regular contributor to New York Times Cooking, Food & Wine, Food Network, Real Simple, and other brands you trust.