Hi, I’m Sarah Copeland.

AWARD-WINNING COOKBOOK AUTHOR—holistic health coach, writer, mother, gardener and curator of good living.

I've spent nearly 20 years writing and developing content, recipes, and images for the brands you love and trust: Food Network, Food & Wine, Saveur, Real Simple, New York Times Cooking, Martha Stewart Living, and many others. I spent much of that time sharing stories and recipes on and off camera--hosting a cooking show on Food Network, appearing on morning shows, and working with renown brands like Anthropologie and Crate & Barrel.

At the heart of my work is always the love of story--family stories, personal stories, life stories--the relatable, undeniably beautiful human experience. I share stories through food, words, recipes and images.

This newsletter aims to inspire an appetite for life--for understanding and connecting with ourselves and our families.

Sometimes we’ll lean recipe heavy, and other times you’ll find this to be a gathering place of ideas and inspiration—jumping off points for your next great moment, at the table, with the ones you love.

Thanks for coming—I'm glad you're here.

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The world is changing, fast. Here I hope here we can slow down, if only for a moment—to read words and intentions meant to nourish, and grow—together.


Sarah Copeland
Sarah Copeland is the award-winning author of Instant Family Meals, Every Day is Saturday, Feast and The Newlywed Cookbook and a regular contributor to New York Times Cooking, Food & Wine, Food Network, Real Simple, and other brands you trust.