Hi, I’m Sarah Copeland.

AWARD-WINNING COOKBOOK AUTHOR and long-time contributor to the New York Times, Food Network, Food & Wine, Saveur, Real Simple, and Martha Stewart Living, among others.

After four years as the Food Director for Real Simple Magazine, seven years as a recipe creator at Food Network, and two summers as a private chef in St. Tropez, I love sharing access, recipes, and strategies to make life feel more delicious. Along the way, I’ve written four books, hosted a cooking show, appeared on several morning shows, and worked closely with brands like Anthropologie and Crate & Barrel. I live with my husband and two kids in New York and Hungary (one of the places I love writing about most!).

At the heart of my work is the love of story—and the relatable, undeniably beautiful human experience. This newsletter aims to inspire understanding and connection with ourselves, our families—and our wider world.

Sometimes, my letters lean recipe-heavy (think easy, family-friendly meals and desserts); other times, you’ll receive in-depth travelogues (from places like Budapest, Vienna, Portugal, and Italy) or strategy guides like Family Dinner, Yes Day Style, and Low Lift, High Impact Cooking. You’ll always find this a gathering place of ideas and inspiration—jumping off points for your next great moment with the ones you love.


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Sarah Copeland is the award-winning author of Instant Family Meals, Every Day is Saturday, Feast and The Newlywed Cookbook and a regular contributor to New York Times Cooking, Food & Wine, Food Network, Real Simple, and other brands you trust.